Coupon binder!!

There’s my baby  lol!! As you can tell, my favorite color is pink! I carry this around EVERYWHERE I go just incase I find a great deal and have a coupon to pair it with!

I have a 3-inch zippered binder. There are many variations of the binder so whichever style you like, you can make work IF you want to go the binder method for storing and organizing your coupons. I use the 5 accordion-style slots in my binder for MIR’s (Mail in Rebates incase you haven’t been studying the acronym list lol), recipes I find, coupons I need to clip, and my grocery ads.

Then I file my coupons in baseball card holders. I bought the sturdy ones so I didn’t pay a bit more for those. I also have a zippered section in my binder where I keep my pen/flag/highlighter combo, my little scissors and whatever else I think I may need!! ?

In the back of the binder, after the coupons, I have several sections dedicated to my menus, shopping lists, gift lists, price list, and inventory lists (pantry, freezer, pharmacy, etc.) Total organization, right??

I LOVE THIS! I do get behind when I don’t sit down and clip my coupons from the paper right away, but this binder has really helped me. Or the organization it results in has helped me rather.

Planning my menus and using my shopping list have REALLY helped! That way I don’t buy many unncessary or unplanned items. I know exactly what I want and what coupons/store deals I want to use when I go into the store on Sunday mornings!

I did keep a spiral notebook in my binder to write down items I want to price match, and when I get to Wal-Mart, I see if that price is cheaper than their’s. If it IS, I jot down Wal-Mart’s price on the side column so I can figure my savings from price matching when I get home. However, I’ve modified some of my lists in the back to eliminate the spiral!

I bought everything I needed from Amazon for around $50 (plus shipping costs). I’m sure you can find deals and specials for items needed, but I didn’t have time for that. Here’s where my sales skills come in lol!

You can purchase a binder system from me for $60 + $10 shipping (+ tax for Texas residents). If you are interested, you can send me an email to [email protected], and I will send you a PayPal invoice. Upon receipt of payment, you can let me know what your favorite color is. I will get you a binder that color or one close to it, AND I will send you an attachment via email including binder sheets along with all of my lists I’ve created in a color scheme to match your binder. I will send it as a word .doc so you can modify as needed. For full details, please read:


Included in the starter binder are:

(1) 3-inch zippered binder w/file slots and a build in zippered compartment. And it will have a strap. These binders will vary, and I wont get your binder until you order. Just send me a note when paying and let me know your favorite color so I can get you one in that color or similar! As you can see, mine’s pink!!
(100) 9-pocket binder sleeves to hold your coupons. Many people are selling starter binders with 20 or 25 of these pages. WHAT? That’s not enough. I’ve still got extras in the back of my binder, but I like having enough of these babies!
(5) 3-pocket currency sleeves to hold catalinas or and larger coupons. I use 1 of these sheets. The other 4 are hanging out in the back of my binder. I keep my Wags RR’s in these!
(10) sheet protectors. I have my contact info, table of contents, category contents, etc., in these sheet protectors. I only used 8, but I’ll include 2 extras incase you have extra sections I don’t have like “baby” or “cats”. I don’t have babies or cats, lol! My girls are 6 and 11, and I have 2 dogs!
(1) Post-It pen/highlighter/flag combo pen. This thing is GREAT! I can highlight in my grocery ads if I see something I want to price match, and I can take notes as I’m walking through the store as I do put items in my buggy to price match. I’ll go into detail in a bit.
(1) Little scissors. I use the little ones. The big ones are too hard for me to cut with. I’ve had carpal tunnel problems in the past, and the bigger scissors make my wrists hurt. I’m probably just weird lol!
(1) package Post-It durable tabs. I WILL NOT divide your binder up for you. Everyone’s different in what they need and prefer. What I do is use these stick-on tabs throughout my binder. I labeled them with a thin-tip Sharpie marker, and it works for me because I can easily adjust and change things as needed. Also, these suckers are strong. I flip constantly through my binder when shopping, and I haven’t had one come off yet. For real. They aren’t paying me to say that or anything!
(1) e-mail containing table of contents, category contents, weekly menu planner, pantry inventory, freezer inventory, pharmacy inventory, stockpile inventory, gift list (to keep track of gifts you purchase all throughout the year rather than waste money last minute), and shopping list. I will customize these pages to match the color of your binder. Of course, since I’m emailing these pages as a word .doc, you can customize however you like. I’ve found that keeping track of these things HELPS!