Price Matching

I wanted to add something on here about price matching because when I post the “Weekly Deals” I notice at Kroger, HEB, or Brookshire Brothers, I will also post Wal-Mart’s price (if I know it).

Since I don’t have the time or a Super Center close by during the day, I can’t run out and compare prices. I wish I could, but I have to work for a living! ?

What I do is write a list of what I think are good deals at the different grocery stores. When I go to Wal-Mart on Sunday, I will compare the prices then. If Wal-Mart’s price is cheaper, I wont price-match (obviously lol), but if Wal-Mart’s price is HIGHER, I will go ahead, jot down Wal-Mart’s higher price, and price match the lower price when I check out.

This is another great way to keep track of your savings at the grocery store. When I get home from Wal-Mart, not only do I tally up my coupon savings, BUT I also add in my price-matching savings. Last week, I saved $6.13 alone price matching a shoulder roast! I’m telling you, between coupons and price-matching, you can easily save $40 or more per week, and you wont have to drive all over town to scoop up one or two things on sale at different grocery stores!

Strategic menu planning also helps in the savings! Plan your menus next week around what’s on sale this week. You’ll be saving money in no time!