Why use coupons and shop for deals??

Well, the answer is easy. TO SAVE MONEY!!! I sound like a self-help novel or something!! Using coupons alone isn’t going to save you much. YES, the generic brand items will probably cost less than the name brand + the coupon ALONE, but when you pair your manufacturer coupons with a sale or stack them with store coupons, you’ve saved some MONEY. You can get items FREE this way or even with overage that will be applied to the rest of your order!

Now, what if you’re thinking “I don’t buy any of those things that I have a coupon for.” Well, you’re not looking at your coupons. There are coupons for shampoos, body wash, food, drinks, soap, dish soap…EVERYTHING. If you focus on what coupons you’ve clipped and printed and what’s on sale at your local stores, YOU WILL FIND DEALS ON STUFF YOU USE AND SAVE MONEY!

Why am I yelling at you?? Because it’s important lol!! ?

No, I wouldn’t buy 50 ketchups at Kroger because I’ve ordered 50 coupons for Heinz off of EBay, and they’re free! I buy two papers each Sunday, and I print 2 coupons off when they’re offered online. Then I go from there. My stockpile is getting quite impressive, but I live in a small house and am still trying to figure out how to better organize. I don’t have a mini-mart in my basement anyway, lol! For those of you who have seen Extreme Couponing, you know what I’m talking about!! Here’s my baby stock-pile that’s steadily growing. That’s my Abi-girl. She’s a ham! And yes, I’m making good use of the doll house the girls outgrew playing with!!I have since added a shelf to help organize my stock pile and it looks MUCH BETTER! I’ll post a pic or two eventually!

You also can find some great deals online from clothes to housewares to just about anything. You just have to pay attention to store coupon codes, free shipping, etc. I will post about these deals as I find them.

Shopping clearance online and in store is a great way to save! Dig in those bargain bins. Get you a coupon binder. Buy your Sunday papers. Start clipping and printing, and let’s keep saving!