Other Awesome Blogs!

So, since there are soooo many coupon and frugal living blogs, I want to give you all an official list of the blogs I do regularly read. When I get info from any of them, I give them a little shout out at the bottom so you know where I got my info, and so they wont get an eery feeling that they’ve been plagiarized lol. I DOUBT any of them will ever look at my blog. If they did…super awesome! Some stuff I am smart enough to figure out on my own so be warned, some things I post may actually be something I’ve figured out or discovered haha!!

If you like my blog, super cool. Follow me. Interact with me. I’m looking to learn with everyone, and I want to hear about your awesome shopping trips, menus, etc. I want to share any of my frugal living tips I come up with that work for my family, and I want to hear your’s. Following one blog is NOT a good idea because there are soooo many good deals out there!

I recommend you regularly read several! Here are my faves!!


Passion for Savings

My Litter

I Heart the Mart

Ms. Couponista

I Heart Wags

I Crave Freebies

The Frugal Girls

Saving with Shellie

And….although I may drift through a few more blogs every now and again, this is pretty much my list of who I read daily. I feel like I know them, lol! Check ’em out! They may post deals I’ve missed, and they may post shopping deals exclusive to their website. Don’t overwhelm yourself by reading waaay to many, but pick a few you like and stick with them. You’ll spend an hour or two daily scooping up great deals, printing great freebies, and planning awesome shopping trips!

OH, and I’d like to shout out to my Aunt Sandy!! I’m sure if you know me, you know her. For those of you stumbling across the blog, my Aunt Sandy is my Coupon Queen!! Growing up, I STILL remember her big cardboard box that sat in the bottom of her shopping buggy FILLED with envelopes labeled and full of coupons lol! Long before blogs, Aunt Sandy was couponing!! I should have paid more attention then. Shame she went to the grocery store when everyone was ASLEEP (guess it would have been tough to shop with her 4 kids lol)!!! Love you Aunt Sandy!!