My Wal Mart Trip today 11/12!!


So, I really wanted another one of those plastic shelves (they’re 19.97 at Wal-Mart) so I decided to go there to get my papers. Since we didn’t have anything pressing to do today, the girls and I decided to see what we could do with our coupons. Abi, interested. Emi, not so much lol!

I’m going to BOLD the totals of the items we got free or super cheap!

Here’s how we did:

(2) Kotex Liners, 14-ct- $94
Used $1/2 Printable from about a week ago
Making them $.44 each!
(2) Tide single load packets (in the travel section)- $.97
Used (2) $2/1 Tide detergent (P&G like two weeks ago)
Making them FREE + $2.06 MM (for those of you new to reading, this means the $2.06 was applied to the rest of my order!)
(4) Old Spice Body Wash, 1.7oz (in the travel section)- $.97
Used (2) $1/2 Old Spice products coupons (P&G like two weeks ago)
Making them $.47 each!
(6) Softsoap Hand Soaps- $2.27
Used (2) $2/2 Softsoap products (SS two weeks ago)
and (2) $.75/1 Softsoap product (SS two weeks ago)
Making them FREE + $.02 MM on 4 bottles and $.24 for the other 2 bottles!
(2) Visine allergy eye drops- $3.50
Used (2) $3/1 Visine product printable (I printed last night from, NLA)
Making them $.50 each! 
Schick Disposable razors- $1.97
Used $2/1 Any Schick disposable razors Q
Making them FREE + $.03 MM!
Kids Crest toothpaste- $.97
Used $.50/1 Kids Crest toothpaste Q
Making it $.47!
(2) Colgate Kids Toothpastes- $.97
Used (2) $.50/1 Colgate Kids Toothpaste Q
Making them $.47 each!
Colgate Total toothpaste, travel size- $.97
Used (1) $.75/1 Total Advantage toothpaste (printable, no size restriction)
Made it $.22!
(2) Suave Deodorants- $.97
Used (2) $.75/1 Suave deodorant (printed the other night off FB!)
Made them $.22 each! 
Rumford Baking Powder- $.98 (on roll back from $1.14)
Used (2) $.50/1 Rumford or Clabber Girl baking powder printables (I couldn’t find Clabbergirls at ANY Wags I went to so I could get them free so I settled on the Rumford’s at this price cause Wal Mart didn’t have the 4oz Clabber Girls to price match too :()
Making them $.48 each! 
(8) Betty Crocker Instant Potato Boxes- $1.25
Used (4) $.50/2 Betty Crocker boxed potatoes
Made them $.64 each!!
Idohoan Cheesy Hashbrowns-$1.50
Get one FREE Q from All You magazine
Making them FREE! 
(3) Betty Crocker Cornbread Muffin Mix- $.50
Making them $.33 each
(NOT PICTURED) 20-lb bag Purina Dog Chow- $12.24
Used $2/1 Purina Dog Chow printable (Wounded Warriors project Q’s)
Making it $7.50
Then I got the $19.97 shelf, (2) Chronicles at $2 each, and some generic baggies (2 packs) for $2.94.
I spent total OOP of $47.64; $26.91 of that were products with no Q’s, no sales and no pricematches.
So for my Q’s, sales, and price matches, I spent $20.73! Between my q’s and price matching, I saved $43.69!!! I’m happy with my trip!

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