The 5 Best Stores for Black Friday Deals Online in 2022

Black Friday is no longer confined to a single day; it has evolved into a shopping extravaganza that spans an extended period. Navigating online shopping during this time can be overwhelming, particularly when confronted with a multitude of Black Friday sales from various retailers. To complicate matters further, these deals are kicking off earlier each year, and the subsequent Cyber Week introduces its own alluring savings. Consequently, having a well-crafted Black Friday shopping plan is more essential than ever, and we’re here to assist you in creating one!

One of the initial steps in formulating your strategy is to narrow down your list of preferred shopping destinations. In this guide, we’ve highlighted the top seven stores that are anticipated to offer the best online Black Friday deals in 2022. Browse through this resource, and then dive into our comprehensive Black Friday predictions for this year.

Best Buy

Best for: Shoppers searching for Apple or TV deals.

Best Buy is a top choice for consumers seeking the best electronic deals during the Black Friday shopping extravaganza, and it’s a choice well-founded. The retailer is renowned for its extensive discounts on televisions and cutting-edge gadgets, with a special emphasis on Apple products, which are typically sparingly discounted. (If you’re eyeing Apple savings, be sure to explore our comprehensive guide to Apple Black Friday deals here.)

Speaking of hot deals, last year’s Best Buy Black Friday offers featured smart TVs starting from just $79.99, along with hefty savings of up to $900 on select QLED TVs.

For those interested in Apple-related discounts, Best Buy didn’t disappoint. Shoppers had the opportunity to enjoy savings of up to $1,000 on the iPhone 14 Pro and discounts of $600 on select Mac desktops. These remarkable offers underscore why Best Buy remains a go-to destination for tech enthusiasts and Black Friday deal seekers.


Best for: Prime members with the time and energy to track Amazon Lightning Deals.

Amazon consistently ranks at or near the top of our list when it comes to stores offering the best Black Friday online deals. Amazon’s Lightning Deals, in particular, stand out as a prime source of incredible savings. These deals surface daily, but their frequency ramps up during the Black Friday season, and true to their name, they often last only a short time – some as brief as five minutes. Keeping a close eye on these deals on Amazon’s website or through their app is essential, and you must be prepared to act swiftly to secure the best discounts.

In terms of hot sellers, Amazon is formidable when it comes to competitive pricing on larger items, but it truly shines with its own devices. For instance, during Amazon Black Friday deals, you can expect to find discounts of up to 50% on Fire tablets and Fire TV Sticks. Echo devices, on the other hand, are likely to be available in various bundles with savings reaching as high as 70% off. Be prepared for some remarkable savings on Amazon’s proprietary tech products.


Best for: People who are interested in refurbished or open-box electronics.

Considering eBay’s vast and diverse marketplace, it’s no wonder that it stands out as one of the prime destinations for Black Friday online deals. In addition to offering a plethora of brand-specific discounts, eBay is an excellent resource for shopping certified refurbished or open-box items. Don’t overlook the outlet deals during eBay’s Black Friday sales; these can lead to significant savings. Notably, in the previous year, we spotted deals from well-known outlets such as Best Buy, Reebok, and adidas.

In terms of the hottest sales to watch out for, one standout is the site-wide coupon. Historically, eBay has been known to offer a 20% discount along with free shipping using a promotional code. What makes this offer even more enticing is that the retailer has not imposed a minimum purchase requirement to utilize these codes in the past.

Keep an eye out for category-specific sales as well. Last year, eBay rolled out impressive discounts, including up to 83% off refurbished tech, up to 50% off refurbished Acer products, an additional 30% off Snow Joe and Sun Joe products, and discounts of up to 55% on select Worx items, among other enticing offers. eBay’s comprehensive marketplace ensures that there’s something for everyone during the Black Friday shopping frenzy.


Best for: Shoppers looking for excellent savings on small appliances and home goods.

Macy’s used to have a strong brick-and-mortar presence, but in recent years, the company has closed several locations. Even so, the store is still worth shopping online for Black Friday 2023.

Hottest sales: The store is known for its excellent doorbusters, especially ones involving small kitchen appliances. These kinds of offers will almost assuredly return this year, as they’ve become pretty regular features each Black Friday season. Last year there were a few small appliances and pieces of cookware for $20 or less, as well as a deal taking 30% off select Nespresso Vertuo and Original machines.

Macy’s is also a great store to shop if you’re looking for clothing deals. Last year, the retailer offered savings that included 25% off select UGG boots, 40% off Levi’s products for men and women, up to 50% off shoes and boots, up to 65% off coats and jackets, and 50% off dress shirts and ties.

Looking for home goods? Macy’s impresses with savings on those, as well. Notable offers last year included 60% off Charter Club down pillows and comforters, 65% off Charter Club Damask and Damask Designs sheets and bedding, and 50% off cold-weather bedding by the Martha Stewart Collection.


Best for: Shoppers who are looking for Black Friday deals on a little bit of everything.

Smart Walmart shoppers understand that the store is a versatile one-stop shop throughout the year, offering virtually anything you might need, from groceries to clothing to toys and everything in between. And when it’s Black Friday, Walmart truly excels. Year after year, the retailer presents enticing deals on a wide range of products, including toys, electronics, and clothing, simplifying the shopping experience. Whether you’re treating yourself or shopping for others, Walmart is likely to have you covered beyond your expectations.

In terms of the hottest sales, Walmart consistently demonstrates its competitiveness in Black Friday deals, often managing to outdo other retailers by a razor-thin margin, making Walmart deals all the more appealing. For instance, if one store prices an iPad at $249.99, Walmart may price it at just $249. It might not seem like a significant difference, but it’s often enough to make Walmart’s deals the preferred choice.

Last year, the retailer rolled out an array of budget-friendly prices on the season’s most sought-after items. For example, LEGO sets featuring popular themes like Marvel Spider-Man, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Jurassic World were marked down to an enticing $40 each. Select Nintendo games received discounts of up to 50%, a notable feat as Nintendo titles rarely see such steep reductions. Furthermore, there were deals on 65″ smart TVs for less than $230 and 70″ smart TVs for less than $500. Inflatables for holiday decorations were available for about $15, and you could snag 6′ plush holiday characters for just $55 at Walmart.